Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  My Group | Organization | Ministry is responsible for a Worship Service During the Conference. Who will design and print our programs? 

A:  According to our Servant Bishop, Rt. Rev. James L. Davis - each component is responsible for their own deliverables. Though Bethel AMEC works  diligently to make sure your service is a success and done in excellence, we are not staffed nor able to incur the costs for designing and printing the amount of programs for each ministry during a conference of this magnetude. Please contact your Bethel Liason contact person for assitance in workin through types of logistical matters. 

Q:  My Group | Organization | Ministry needs to rehearse, practice and meet either prior to or during the Annual Conference. How do we schedule space and time? 

A:  We are happy to try and accommodate requests. However,  Bethel AME Church is limited in extra meeting / rehearsal space. Please fill out the logistics form click HERE to share the details of your request. Then,  contact your Bethel Liason / contact person to follow up. 

Q:  How does my Ministry acquire VIP Parking?

A:  Bethel AME Church is nestled in the Upton / Marble Hill community. Reserved parking is limited. Please fill out the logistics form by clicking HERE. Then, contact your Bethel Liason to follow up. Please understand that we will provide as much reserved parking for your event as we are able, but we cannot promise or guarantee how many spaces can be provided until the logistics flow schedule are completed. 

Q:  What food options are available?

A: Delegates and those who normally eat onsite will receive information and badges indicating the group / time that they will be served daily. Please check in with your Bethel Liason for futher information. We plan to have food trucks and / or other vending available for purchase as well. If you would like to know about other options in our immediate vicinity click HERE.