Radiator Restoration

  • IMG_1268.JPG
    - File 1268 - Narthex floor sinking leading to cracked tiles because of radiator sinking into floor.
  • img_1267_2017-11-05-17-13-36.jpg
    - File 1267 - Another view of sinking floor.
  • IMG_1266.JPG
    - File 1266 - Close up of radiator sinking into floor. Brown stain is from leaking steam which caused supporting joist to rot below.
  • IMG_1262.JPG
    - File 1262 - From basement, rotted wood joist below radiator. One can see the slanted angle downward of the floor above.
  • img_1263_2017-11-05-17-15-05.jpg
    - File 1263 - Shows damaged subfloor above from basement view at the radiator pipe.
  • IMG_1505.jpg
    - File 1505 - Shows overall completed work in the Narthex.
  • IMG_1504.jpg
    - File 1504 - Closer view of completed work and new valve connections. Radiator is elevated and new tile and cement grout visible.
  • IMG_1499.jpg
    - File 1499 - New support pier was installed with cement base under the existing rotted joist and the two new "sister" joists along side the original joist.
  • IMG_1502.jpg
    - File 1502 - The new sister joists proceeding into the new pocket in the stone foundation wall.
  • IMG_1503.jpg
    - File 1503 - Bottom of new subfloor below radiator and a new cross member support brace.