REFRESH! – Media Ministry Upgrades

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Enabling Faith. Proclaiming the Word. Serving the World

Romans 10:17- So faith comes from hearing, and hearing through the word of Christ.

In November and December of 2016, BethelAMEC underwent an equipment and media / IT assessment. We found that our ability to share the dynamic preached Word and Worship provided weekly is greatly hindered by the state of the audio / video equipment in use. The majority of what is in house is over 25 years old. The issues manifest in dropped audio, popping, cracking and other sounds, compromised video stream quality and more.

January of 2017 Pastor Patrick D. Clayborn shared the state of our media equipment and asked that the Bethel Nation and friends pray diligently about each person sowing a $100 seed to meet the $150k budget to replace our outdated analog systems with digitally based equipment.

-----------------MAY 2017 UPDATE --------------------

As Pastor Clayborn has shared with our congregation, leadership along with our Commission on Stewardship and Finance  made the necessary purchase by taking a loan out against ourselves from a savings investment fund. This enabled us to purchase the equipment that was sorely needed and put in place for the 2nd District's Baltimore Annual Conference. This move also keeps us from assuming a hefty interest rate from taking an outside loan.

-----------------OCT 2017 UPDATE --------------------

PHASE 2  NEED - Now that all the audio and video equipment has been updated, we are working to upgrade our streaming platform so that Bethel AME may offer a true eCHURCH experience. The fully integrated platform will become much more than a place for you to WATCH the service. You will get to become part OF the service.

Bethel Nation Family - Thank you to those of you who have already been giving FAITHFULLY to the #Refresh campaign. Stewardship over all of Bethel's finances are always a priority. If you have not been supporting this effort to fulfill the Great Commission, please pray about offering your financial support to this cause. Thank you in advance for what you've sown, and please continue to sow as the Lord leads you.

Your donations will go toward covering the $6,000 a year streaming costs, and repaying our loan for the media equipment.