Restoring Bethel Christian School

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The first Sunday in November of 2016, Pastor Patrick D. Clayborn announced that Bethel would renew its focus to restoring the Bethel Christian School, located across the street on Lanvale. The building, which has sat vacant for several years, was in desperate need of roof repairs. The Bethel Nation of givers came together and raised the funds needed to get the roof work completed by December of 2017.

-----------MARCH 2017 UPDATE---------

Asbestos Abatement and Mold Remediation has been completed as well!

We are now raising money to continue next steps toward getting the building inhabitable. If you would like to contribute to our efforts to fully restore the school building- please donate to the "Bethel School Restoration" fund.

PHASE 2  NEED - We are working to restore floors, walls, plumbing and the infustructure to make the building inhabitable again.

We thank you for what you have given and pray God continue to bless you mightily for what you will continue to sow. Click the button below, text, mail in or mark your envelope for the "Claim Your Miracle Fund" so that we may continue this great work. To God Be The Glory!