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We have a strong beliefs about what the culture of Bethel AME must be to thrive. We stand firmly behind them. Feel free to take a look.



We are working on several ways to minister beyond the walls of our church and we  would love for you to join us.


Come as you are

Walking through our doors we want you to feel as comfortable as possible. It is our wish that you will feel comfortable being yourself at Bethel AME Church.

Bring your friends

It is our wish that you would bring your friends and family with you! The more visitors the better. Please be sure to fill out a visitor's card, so we can keep in touch!

Our Core Principles

The 5 Practices of a Fruitful Congregation

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Radical Hospitality means we pray, plan, prepare, andwork toward the purpose of helping others receive what we have received in Christ.

Hospitality is a quality of spiritual initiative, the practice of an active and genuine love, a graciousness unaffected by self-interest, an opening of ourselves and our faith community to receive others. When the spirit of Christ’s hospitality pervades a congregation, then every choir, youth ministry, adult Sunday school class, mission team, Bible study, and outreach ministry regularly asks itself, “How are we doing at inviting others and supporting newcomers into our part of the church family? And how can we improve?”

We  strive  to  offer a surprising, unique  and unexpected quality of depth and authenticity in our caring for strangers.

We want to wrap newcomers in a glimpse of the unmerited gracious love of God that they see in Christ.

Radical Hospitality means that the we're not just another social club but the Body of Christ constantly seeking to fulfill the mission of Christ.



We know that people are searching for worship that is authentic, alive, creative, and comprehensible— where they experience the life-changing presence of God in the presence of others.

We believe that Passionate Worship forms communities, shapes souls, corrects self-interest, and  binds  people to  each  other and to God. God reaches out to us through worship services conducted in traditional and ancient formsor services marked with extraordinary  spontaneity.

Through worship, people seek to connect with God, allow God's word to shape them, and offer their response of faith. In essence, God  speaks to us in passionate worship. God's Spirit changes us through worship.

Through worship, God pardons sins, restores relationships, and changes lives. Therefore, Passionate Worship connects people with God and with one another.

Passionate Worship is not restricted to any particular style.


Faith Development

We exist to serve and grow closer to God. This is our soul purpose here at Isaiah Church. It is our hope and mission that through our services and ministries that you are given the tools to build a better relationship with Christ.

Intentional Faith Development means that we view the ministries of Christian education, Membership Connect, small group work, Life Class, and Bible study as absolutely critical to our mission. We are consistently looking for ways to offer opportunities for people of all ages, interests, and faith experiences to learn in community.

We know that maturation in Christ is always about content and relationship. Ideas change people, and people change people; and God uses both together to work on our behalf and to shape our lives in the image of Christ. Transformation comes through learning in community. Congregational leaders that practice Intentional Faith Development ask themselves if their ministry is sufficient, full, helpful, and effective. They ask how they can do better.



God strengthens the Body of Christ through mission and service, and God empowers the Body of Christ through witness. The operations and ministry of a congregation require the cooperative and helpful spirit of those who love the church and want to see it run smoothly and effectively to fulfill its mission, and the fruit of their service includes tasks well-done, community formation, connection to one another, learning the meaning of church, and changed lives for those within and beyond the congregation.

Mission refers to the positive difference made in the lives of people beyond the inner circle of the church. Mission spreads the faith by exemplifying the compassion, mercy, and justice of Christ in
the world. Service, offering oneself in the deliberate effort to improve the conditions of others, is rooted in more than three thousand years of faith tradition. Nothing is more central to faith identity and to the church’s mission than transforming the lives and conditions of people by offering oneself in God’s name.

Risk-Taking Mission and Service takes people into ministries that push them out of their comfort zone, stretching them beyond the circle of relationships and practices that routinely define their faith commitments. 


People who give generously to the church do so because they genuinely desire to make a positive difference for the purposes of Christ and because they want to align their lives with higher purposes. They give in response to the Spirit’s urging and feel a soul-sustaining satisfaction in the sense of meaning and connection that comes with generosity. They give because they love God, love the church, and desire to grow in love of neighbor.

Extravagant Generosity describes practices of sharing and giving that exceed all expectations and extend to unexpected measures. It describes lavish sharing, sacrifice, and giving in service to God and neighbor. • The practice of tithing blesses and benefits the giver as much as it strengthens the mission and ministry of the church. • Giving generously reprioritizes lives and helps people distinguish what is lasting, eternal, and of infinite value from what is temporary, illusory, and untrustworthy. • The practice of generosity is a means by which God builds people up, strengthens their spirits, and equips them to serve God’s purposes.

Extravagantly Generous congregations emphasize mission, purpose, and life changing results rather than shortages, budgets, and institutional loyalty. They provide a compelling vision that invites people to give joyously thereby finding purpose, meaning, and satisfaction in changing lives. They know that God moves people to give in order to find purpose and to accomplish things for Christ. They connect money with mission. • Churches that nurture the practice of Extravagant Generosity take seriously the stewardship of the resources entrusted to them by their members.



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