• The Bethel A. M. E. Church has every characteristic of a landmark architectural quality, prominence, and historical interest.  The church was originally constructed in 1868. As such, building upgrades and renovations are needed periodically. This is the case with our radiators, that still heat the Narthex and Sanctuary. They were leaking and causing corosion under the wood panel floor beneath them. Floors were sinking and many radiators were in disrepair. Your donations are helping us replace them and restore the floors beneath them. 


  • The first Sunday in November of 2016, Pastor Patrick D. Clayborn announced that Bethel would renew its focus to restoring the Bethel Christian School, located across the street on Lanvale. The building, which has sat vacant for several years, was in desperate need of roof repairs. The Bethel Nation of givers came together and raised the funds needed to get the roof work completed by December of 2017.

  • Enabling Faith. Proclaiming the Word. Serving the World

    Romans 10:17- So faith comes from hearing, and hearing through the word of Christ.


    In November and December of 2016, BethelAMEC underwent an equipment and media / IT assessment. We found that our ability to share the dynamic preached Word and Worship provided weekly is greatly hindered by the state of the audio / video equipment in use. The majority of what is in house is over 25 years old. The issues manifest in dropped audio, popping, cracking and other sounds, compromised video stream quality and more.

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